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Bell Moore Group Inc.: Transition in Every People’s Lifestyle

It is no doubt that we are living in the era of convenience. Rapid service, instant messages, food deliveries, mobile payments and purchasing of goods is easier than ever. Convenience is becoming increasingly, well, convenient and is now demanded in almost every corner of our society.

I can still remember how my grandparents tell stories of their simple village life without the conveniences of today's modern world. The villages back in the days have no stark variety in house design, since we lived in an Asian country, all houses are generally made of bamboo and the roofs are made of palm leaves. People practically did everything at home: planted their own food and raised animals for meat. Village life back in the days is so simple and quiet - free from pollution, less noise and rush as they had everything they needed to live long happy lives.

Living in today’s modern world is somewhat industrialized, full of complexities, densely populated with harsh pollution and corruption. It is very much different from the world our grandparents use to live 50 years ago. Even our knowledge of ourselves and the universe has expanded, infrastructures have become globalized and technological developments changes the way we communicate with each other. Houses nowadays are made of concrete blocks with cement render and high-class building materials. In addition, we don’t need to domesticate animals and farm for foods, there are now nearby shops and restaurants that can satisfy our hunger and cater all our essential needs.

The constant change and wonders in today’s living have left each of us with an increasingly complex world to deal with. Whatever our lifestyle choice is, whether we yearn for a simple or extravagant living, Bell Moore has the capability to meet our unique and diversified needs. The company led by Rianne Bell and Lynn Moore has long been in the industry providing convenience to their clients in the field of leasing, brokerage and consulting services. Bellmoore Group Inc review and comprehends what you aspire to achieve as it is their mission to satisfy the property needs of tenants and buyers for many years in the property operation sector.

Bell Moore Group Inc.: Transition in Every People’s Lifestyle

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CAPMG Steering Committee - Dr. Richard Isaacs, MD

As California Permanente physicians, we have a lot to be proud of.

Our physician-led mode of practice. Our partnership with patients. Our proven clinical excellence and nationally recognized quality leadership.

When health care legislation is debated, we want the best chance of a good outcome.

That is why The Permanente Medical Group and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group created California Permanente Medical Groups (CAPMG) political action committee.

CAPMG is our political arm. Our job is to help elect lawmakers who understand and share our values.

On behalf of CAPMG Steering Committee — This is our pledge.

• No one will work harder than we will.

• Our priority will always be the Permanente Medical Group model.

• We will devote our full energy to electing officials who will work with us on enacting the best possible health care legislation.

Like you, we are passionate about our goals and optimistic about our success.




• Sharon Levine, MD, Chair, Pediatrics, TPMG

• Michelle Caughey, MD, Internal Medicine, TPMG

• Ken Grullon, MD, Gynecology, TPMG

• Vito Imbasciani, MD, Urology, SCPMG

• David Lerman, MD, JD. Family Medicine, SCPMG

• Michael Neri, Jr. MD, Family Medicine, SCPMG

Richard Isaacs, MD, Head and Neck Oncology, TPMG

For more info about Dr. Richard Isaacs, you could visit this pageor like us on facebook for more update.


• Traci Perry, Executive Director

• Liz Rothberg-Smith, CAPMG Staff

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Joe Moore & Company, Inc. Refractories for Sale

We sell high quality refractories, firebrick, and insulation. We are the largest stocking distributor of Blu Ram refractory in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, and we stock other refractories and firebrick produced by leading manufacturers. In addition to our extensive line of manufactured refractories, we have over thirty years of experience fabricating custom refractory shapes.

At Joe Moore and Company, we understand that your unscheduled downtime is costly, so we provide 24-hour emergency refractory service and delivery to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We carry a LARGE REFRACTORY INVENTORY so we can get you what you need ASAP.

Below is a list of the refractories, firebrick, insulation, and related products we sell. Call us about pricing. (919) 832-1665.


- Clay and phosbonded refractories

- Plastic refractories

- BLU RAM HS plastic

- Gunnables

- Castables

- Insulating castables

- Pumpables

- Shotcrete

- Refractory anchors (brick and stainless steel)

- Refractory tools and air rammers


- Insulating firebrick

- 70, 85, 90% Alumina

- Arch brick

- Super duty straights

- Blow down horseshoe tiles

- Refractory tiles

- Anchor brick and C-Clips

- Specialty shaped tiles

- Packaged boiler refractory shapes

- Custom refractory shapes

- SUPER 3000 mortar

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Texas - Cruise destinations that depart from the Port

Not too surprisingly, the cruise industry has been a boon to the Port of Galveston.

Between Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises, Galveston offers people from all over the region numerous opportunities to explore a slate of tropical ports on three to 14-day tours.

In its first quarter of 2017, Carnival is showing strong growth.

WHAT NYT GOT RIGHT AND WRONG: The New York Times highlights some of Galveston's best restaurants and attractions

"We are off to a good start delivering another quarter of operational improvement on top of a very strong first quarter last year," Carnival Corporation & plc President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Donald said in a statement. "Our performance was driven by increased demand, particularly for our core Caribbean itineraries, leading to higher year-over-year ticket prices which enabled us to overcome the significant negative impact of both fuel and currency to exceed the high end of our guidance range."

That might be why the company expanded its destinations to include the Panama Canal. It's part of a 14-day voyage on the line's "Carnival Freedom," and it only launches once a year.

"We get quite a few inquiries each month about Panama Canal cruises from Galveston," Dru Walters, Cruise Agent at said. "When Carnival announced new itineraries with the canal, we held a small block of cabins because we knew they would go fast."

The historic waterway was built from 1903 through 1914 as a way of traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts without having to circumnavigate South America.

GO DIRECT: Non-stop flights from Houston for summer travel 2017

This year's trip to the Panama Canal in Colon, Panama will embark Oct. 28 and will include stops in Aruba and Bonaire. Seating is very limited, and reservations can be made at 409-763-8678.

As for Royal Caribbean, it's now offering four and six-night cruises to Havana, Cuba. Although these only depart from Miami. Here's hoping they add a route from Galveston sometime soon.

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Dr. Richard Isaacs: Kaiser’s summer internship program

Kaiser’s summer internship program gives high school students a chance to see if medical field is right for them

Valley High School senior Faith Allison thought she was interested in cardiology when she started a paid internship at Kaiser Permanente’s South Sacramento Medical Center this summer, but she liked the variety she saw in trauma.

Luther Burbank graduate Melany Caldera figured “you can’t go wrong with health care,” but she got dizzy every time she saw blood. Human resources, she likes.

The idea behind the Kaiser internship program is to give underrepresented and low-income students a close-up view of the career promise of health care before they make a career choice. A comprehensive program that focuses on careers in demand, it can also serve as a pipeline for future Kaiser employees.

“It’s really important for people who have an interest to see their destination before they begin their journey,” said Dr. Richard Isaacs, physician-in-chief at Kaiser’s South Sacramento hospital. “Our hope is they will go back to their own community with a better idea of what they can and want to do.”

The Summer Youth Employment Program is one of the community benefits Kaiser offers in exchange for tax-exempt status. There are 215 participants in Northern California this summer, about 30 in the Sacramento area.

Eleven high-achieving students were selected from 150 applicants for internships at Kaiser South Sacramento.

The full-time program runs for eight weeks. Students do workshops, projects and rotations in departments, meet weekly to share information — and get paid $8 an hour at a time when many high school students have trouble getting a job.

Other local health systems offer internship programs for high school students, too. But most are unpaid.

“Any organized professional experience we can expose young people to — and high school seems to be the focus now — can pique interest in and provide direction for college and medical school,” said Scott Seamons, regional vice president of the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California.

A lot of exposure’

Karima Ziyarmal, now 23, was a 2006 summer intern at Kaiser’s South Sacramento hospital.

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NeXT Career Consulting Group Principal Coaches

NeXT's Founder

Paul Heng is the Founder/MD and an Executive Coach of NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia and NeXT Corporate Coaching Services (, the Asia Pacific partner of arbóra Global Career Partners (, a global organization of over 20 professional coaching and career management firms. He is currently the Chairman of Asia Pacific, Arbora, and also sits on its global board.

Paul is certified as a career coach (CMF) by the Institute of Career Certification International (ICC, Intl). He has also been awarded the designation of Master Coach (MC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC) by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (Australia), International Coach Federation (USA), and Canadian Council of Professional Certification, Canada respectively.

Clement Ong - Deputy MD

Clement is the Deputy Managing Director and an Executive/Career Coach of NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia. The group is the Asia Pacific partner of arbóra Global Career Partners, an international association of over 20 professional corporate coaching/career management firms based globally.

Clement is a certified coach specialising in executive and career coaching. He connects people with critical aspects of their work and helps enhance their self awareness and clarity about life's purpose and goals. He is a collaborative partner to the coachee and a catalyst to bringing out fresh perspectives to stretch the leader's effectiveness and potential. He has been awarded the designation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Solutions Focused Coach (CSFC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA and Canadian Council of Professional Certification respectively.

Helen Lim - Senior Consultant

Helen joined the Singapore Public Sector in 1971 after graduating from Monash University, Australia with Bachelor of Economics and Statistics. Her postings at Public Service Commission, Ministry of Health and Civil Service Institute gave Helen a broad experience in national scholarship administration, personnel management and training civil service-wide.

From 1985 onwards, Helen moved on to the private sector, and gained further HR expertise in MNCs and large conglomerates, namely Xerox Singapore / Malaysia. Haw Par Corporation, Ethyl Corporation and Uniroyal Chemical Corporation.
In the last 2 USA-based MNCs, Helen headed the HR function for the whole Asia Pacific region.

Her main focus was on recruiting talent for each location and handling Mergers and Acquisition people-related issues.

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: The advantages of hiring a good car service provider

Getting the services of a good car service provider certainly brings a lot of advantages to a car owner and some of which were enumerated in the following paragraphs. Aside from the quality car maintenance and repair, there's more to hiring a trustworthy car servicing company.

First, this kind of company can increase the lifespan of your car because they could take care of it properly, and always keeping your machine clean could also longer its lifespan. You must conduct a regular cleaning on your car, especially during heavy rains or snows. You may also ask the help of professionals regarding this matter.

A good car service provider such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can also maximize the value of your car. You should maintain the good condition of your car throughout the years so that it could have a high resale value in time. Handling the detailed and updated maintenance records is one of the tasks of a car servicing company, as well as providing you with regular reminders that prompts you to perform the required and scheduled tasks on time.

A good car service provider can also help you prevent any major expenses. Huge problems involve a lot of expenses, right? But with the necessary guidance of a car service provider, they will handle minor faults beforehand, preventing them from becoming major predicaments.

A good car service provider also has dependable technical expertise. Many car owners don't have the required technical skills and tools to better take care of their cars so they choose to trust the services of a car servicing company instead, which tasks include wheel balancing, electrical repairs, and ignition timing.

Lastly, a good car service provider like the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can perform reliable record-keeping. Your car's maintenance and repair log can best be of value in the hands of a certified car service provider.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group, as one of the most trusted car service providers in England, offers services that will make their customers focus on more productive activities in their everyday lives since their entire car concerns will be handled by the company.

Taking good care of your car should be your priority once you bought one.


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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Selling interstate invites scams

State oversight weakened, consumers vulnerable

I grew up in the Northeast, and now live in a Mid-Atlantic state. I understand Fall. The weather is crisp and the leaves turn colors. Happens every year.

Just like the leaves turning colors in the Fall, someone predictably come up with a supposedly great idea: let consumers buy health coverage from insurers across state lines.

The argument is always the same: Interstate sales increases competition and reduces costs for consumers. This sounds workable on paper. The latest go-around was raised in this past week’s presidential debate as the fall leaves tumbled — just like consumer protections.

Problem is, interstate sales open the door wide for fraud, and water down consumer protection. And, most people advocating this system usually don’t include important and necessary protections when pushing their interstate plans.

Yes, neighboring states can legally create partnerships that allow insurers to cover consumers in any state within the partnership. Yet partnerships have strict, built-in legal protections when states agree to work together. Insurance regulators know who’s doing business. Networks also offer consumers choices of doctors and facilities.

These protections and coverages may not exist under a blanket permit for consumers to buy coverage in any state.

Consumers don’t know what insurance regulator to reach for help. And would the regulator in the state where the consumer lives have much incentive to help if the health insurer is domiciled another state? Would the regulator where the insurer is domiciled help a consumer living in a different state?

We already see crooks peddling bogus health insurance to unsuspecting consumers and small businesses. This problem would be magnified if interstate sale of health insurance was allowed without strict and well-defined oversight.

Insurers must be state-licensed to do business in a given state. How can state oversight properly protect consumers if anyone can offer insurance to any consumer in any other state?

Who makes certain the insurer is solvent and can do business in another state? And, would an insurer in one state have an adequate network of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to cover the health needs of consumers in another state?

These questions are raised every time interstate health-insurance sale is broached. Yet we never hear answers — just the simplistic nostrum that interstate sales will help reduce healthcare costs.

Don’t just spoon out more words like falling autumn leaves — prove that consumers would be better protected.

About the author: Howard Goldblatt is director of government affairs for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.


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Devin Fitzpatrick Interior Consultant - Services Interior Design

Devin Fitzpatrick Interiors provides thoughtful and curated interior design and art consulting that is centered on each client’s style, goals and budget. Finding inspiration in the rich details of the past along with modern simplicity, DFI works to achieve timeless and inspired interiors that are tailored to each client.

Whether it is recommending new paint colors, suggesting new furniture or detailing a complete interior, DFI can help with residential and commercial projects large and small. With a thoughtful and gentle approach, Devin enjoys collaborating with a team and working with clients individually, especially clients who are hiring a designer for the first time.

DFI’s ranges of services include:

· Space planning and furniture placement (incorporating existing and new pieces together)

· Selection of furniture, fabric, lighting, window treatment and accessories

· Curating, placing and sizing artwork (see Art Consulting)

· Custom casework and furniture design

· Selection of interior finishes

· Paint color selection

· Specifying appliances, hardware and plumbing fixtures

· Drawings for contractor pricing and construction

· Project management and owner representation

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Tokyo MK Taxi: Reise i stil

Limousine, selv om det tradisjonelt betraktes som et kjoretoy for de rike, har utviklet seg til et utleiebil for vanlige mennesker ved sine spesielle anledninger. Ridning i stil i en limousine har blitt popuaer for vanlige folk fordi mange bilutleiefirmaer tillot leie av forsteklasses kjoretoy til spesielle anledninger som bryllup, proms, fodselsdager, gjenforeninger og bedriftsarrangementer.

Nar du vil reise i luksus og klasse, sorg for a kontakte en kvalitetstransporttjeneste i ditt omrade som Tokyo MK Taxi. Med over 58 typer luksusbiler og profesjonelt trente chaufforer som kan kjore deg fra sted til sted, vil du definitivt oppleve fritid pa en helt ny mate. Her er noen av de beste bruksomradene a leie en limo fra Tokyo MK Taxi:


Trenden med a ansette limousiner og bedriftsbiler oker etter hvert som bedriftseiere elsker a reise i luksuriose biler for a delta pa moter, konferanser og mange andre arrangementer. I tillegg kan en tur i et luksuriost kjoretoy gi et godt inntrykk til kundene dine og fa avtale som du alltid har onsket.

Videre kan det aere et sted a snakke om forretningsmessige ting nar saker som trengs for a bli diskutert uten at andre overhorer.


Prom er en svært viktig ungdomshogskolebegivenhet, for tenaringer, denne hendelsen er mer enn en arsskiftedans. Gjor dette arrangementet minneverdig som mulig og en magisk opplevelse til tenarene dine.


En bryllupsdag er en minneverdig opplevelse, og derfor bor du ikke kutte hjorner. Vurder a leie en limo for a legge til et snev av klasse og raffinement pa bryllupsdagen, og tilbringe ekstra pa transportaspektet av bryllupet ditt, vil definitivt vaere verdt det. For en anledning som et bryllup med sa mange kostbare komponenter, tilbyr Tokyo MK luksus- og okonomi-sedans i konkurransedyktige priser for a imotekomme behovene til alle bryllupspar.

Kjor om natten

Uansett hva du planlegger a gjore, uansett om du planlegger a klatre sammen med en haug med venner eller feire en spesiell kveld, og du vil se rik og stilig, kan du nyte en limo service for omtrent hvilken som helst grunn.

Tokyo MK Taxi har Lexus-gruppentusiaster som lar klienter komme fram til deres destinasjon med stil sammen med luksusflater som du kan velge mellom, inkludert Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace og Nissan Fuga Hybrid.

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