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Main article: Devin Fitzpatrick Interior Consultant

Devin Fitzpatrick Interior Consultant - Services Interior Design

Devin Fitzpatrick Interiors provides thoughtful and curated interior design and art consulting that is centered on each client’s style, goals and budget. Finding inspiration in the rich details of the past along with modern simplicity, DFI works to achieve timeless and inspired interiors that are tailored to each client.

Whether it is recommending new paint colors, suggesting new furniture or detailing a complete interior, DFI can help with residential and commercial projects large and small. With a thoughtful and gentle approach, Devin enjoys collaborating with a team and working with clients individually, especially clients who are hiring a designer for the first time.

DFI’s ranges of services include:

· Space planning and furniture placement (incorporating existing and new pieces together)

· Selection of furniture, fabric, lighting, window treatment and accessories

· Curating, placing and sizing artwork (see Art Consulting)

· Custom casework and furniture design

· Selection of interior finishes

· Paint color selection

· Specifying appliances, hardware and plumbing fixtures

· Drawings for contractor pricing and construction

· Project management and owner representation

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