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Bell Moore Group Inc.: Transition in Every People’s Lifestyle

It is no doubt that we are living in the era of convenience. Rapid service, instant messages, food deliveries, mobile payments and purchasing of goods is easier than ever. Convenience is becoming increasingly, well, convenient and is now demanded in almost every corner of our society.

I can still remember how my grandparents tell stories of their simple village life without the conveniences of today's modern world. The villages back in the days have no stark variety in house design, since we lived in an Asian country, all houses are generally made of bamboo and the roofs are made of palm leaves. People practically did everything at home: planted their own food and raised animals for meat. Village life back in the days is so simple and quiet - free from pollution, less noise and rush as they had everything they needed to live long happy lives.

Living in today’s modern world is somewhat industrialized, full of complexities, densely populated with harsh pollution and corruption. It is very much different from the world our grandparents use to live 50 years ago. Even our knowledge of ourselves and the universe has expanded, infrastructures have become globalized and technological developments changes the way we communicate with each other. Houses nowadays are made of concrete blocks with cement render and high-class building materials. In addition, we don’t need to domesticate animals and farm for foods, there are now nearby shops and restaurants that can satisfy our hunger and cater all our essential needs.

The constant change and wonders in today’s living have left each of us with an increasingly complex world to deal with. Whatever our lifestyle choice is, whether we yearn for a simple or extravagant living, Bell Moore has the capability to meet our unique and diversified needs. The company led by Rianne Bell and Lynn Moore has long been in the industry providing convenience to their clients in the field of leasing, brokerage and consulting services. Bellmoore Group Inc review and comprehends what you aspire to achieve as it is their mission to satisfy the property needs of tenants and buyers for many years in the property operation sector.

Bell Moore Group Inc.: Transition in Every People’s Lifestyle

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Joe Moore & Company, Inc. Refractories for Sale

We sell high quality refractories, firebrick, and insulation. We are the largest stocking distributor of Blu Ram refractory in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, and we stock other refractories and firebrick produced by leading manufacturers. In addition to our extensive line of manufactured refractories, we have over thirty years of experience fabricating custom refractory shapes.

At Joe Moore and Company, we understand that your unscheduled downtime is costly, so we provide 24-hour emergency refractory service and delivery to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We carry a LARGE REFRACTORY INVENTORY so we can get you what you need ASAP.

Below is a list of the refractories, firebrick, insulation, and related products we sell. Call us about pricing. (919) 832-1665.


- Clay and phosbonded refractories

- Plastic refractories

- BLU RAM HS plastic

- Gunnables

- Castables

- Insulating castables

- Pumpables

- Shotcrete

- Refractory anchors (brick and stainless steel)

- Refractory tools and air rammers


- Insulating firebrick

- 70, 85, 90% Alumina

- Arch brick

- Super duty straights

- Blow down horseshoe tiles

- Refractory tiles

- Anchor brick and C-Clips

- Specialty shaped tiles

- Packaged boiler refractory shapes

- Custom refractory shapes

- SUPER 3000 mortar

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